Defining myself as a ‘food blogger’ would be the best as I am writing my own story today. I have completed my graduation on business management and I really haven’t applied my knowledge in this field that much. Started thinking about a food blog was something takes courage because I have my 9a.m.-5p.m. job you know. I was confused and quite an amateur in this field. All my plans and encouragement was based on my love for food and writing about food. I used to work hard to maintain both my jobs and it was real tough. My blog was going well and every morning I checked the comments on my post and start my day with a smile.

It won’t be wrong if I call Vancouver a ‘food city’ as so many restaurants with yummy menus they have, not to forget the variety they offer. I love Japanese food, hence Hapa Izakaya and Guu is my all time favorite. All the foodies like me, explore restaurants to taste something new and unique. And for a food blogger like me, it’s a must to be introduced with different tastes and flavors. Bestie is my favorite place in Vancouver to hang out with my friends. It’s hard to resist when you get Chinatown’s best Currywurst and crispy fries. Shopping is another thing I love that gives you an excuse to go eating; I use it a lot actually.


So, let’s get back to my jobs, one I had to do for a living and one I would love to do for my living. I had to compromise my weekends and my evening. As a working woman, my family already had enough to complain. So, finally it was time to think or to take a risk with my passion. I decided to leave my scheduled job (thank god I did that) and thought of making a serious career out of my food blogging. I had enough time to post quality contents now. Being a food blogger is something excellent if you really know how to enjoy. For most of the bloggers, developing recipes is one of the tough posts. However, I do it with fun. Developing recipes need to experiment with the ingredients, so here comes shopping for my kitchen, but most of the time I experiment with what I have in my kitchen. My kids love to taste them first and I knew how it tastes from their expressions. Then I post these recipes with a little editing of my backgrounds. Now that I get enough time to live with it, I am experiencing every day of my life with something new. A food blogger has that unbelievable power to share their expression with the world when they taste something new or regular food with a new experience.


It was once a hobby for me to write about food. Now that I have started my career with it, it feels like I can once again discover me through my posts. I feel proud to be a part of this amazing community that helps me removing obstacles between me and all my readers to share all the feelings. I realize this is the way I would love to be remembered.



Hi guys, it’s me again Here’s my homemade pasta recipe in case you are not satisfied with any of the restaurants in and around Vancouver.

Are you a real foodie? Are you fond of spending hours in your kitchen cooking, experimenting and are you incredibly curious about food in general? Do you possess a healthy portion of patience?

Then you might like to develop a new passion: making your own fresh pasta at home to prepare the easy pasta recipes below!  The basic ingredients you need are drop dead simple but dirt cheap. One thing you have to do is use good quality products. Pasta is an easy dish, however in the end it all comes down to taste and texture.

Here we go! This is all you need for your own homemade fresh pasta: flour, eggs and olive oil. And the obvious sprinkle of salt of course…Flour

I prefer semola di grano duro from the famous brand De Cecco. It’s a yellowish, coarse and crumbly type of flour. Nothing like the snow-white powdered plain kitchen floor. It takes a while to knead it into a proper dough but the result on the plate is rewarding. The dough might look coarse too but after resting for a while it becomes a shiny and homogeneous mix. I’ve used plain flour before but it was slightly heavier on the stomach. Count 100 g flour (3.5 oz.) per person. Extra flour will eventually be added while rolling and dusting the pasta sheets.

Eggs – Use medium chicken eggs, each of them an average 50 to 60 g (1.7 to 2 oz.). It’s up to you to decide what you want to add. Some people only add the yolks. This gives the pasta a great yellow color. Count 2 yolks to replace 1 whole egg. Scrambling the eggs or yolks before adding them to the flour might help.

Olive Oil

The average kitchen olive oil is just fine. Its taste won’t dominate the pasta that much. Taste is influenced more by the type of flour and quality of the eggs. The oil serves as a healthy glue to keep the dough together.

I hope you can already see that fresh pasta is damn frugal! A bag of De Cecco flour costs about $3 for 1 kg (2.2 lb). Add eggs and a drizzle of olive oil. This brings us to the astonishing price of $0.65 per person!!

Great! So now we know what we need to make a fresh pasta dough. We only have to make thin sheets out of it now. Of course that won’t work by only staring at it. A pasta machine might help! Any pasta machine will do as long as you can attach it to your kitchen worktop. It’s utterly useless if it only sits on your kitchen counter and moves around like crazy. You need to stabilize the machine so you can apply some force to it while rolling out your dough. Don’t go too crazy on the price. An expensive machine is not necessarily a better one. Just mix the pasta in with the sauce after.

Hope you enjoy your meal. I’ll be back next week again guys after exploring a few more shops and restaurants around this beautiful city.